Human Pose Estimation


Our client, a leading healthcare technology company, has tasked us with developing a comprehensive human pose estimation solution to be integrated into their suite of medical products and services. This project aims to harness the power of computer vision and machine learning to revolutionize patient care, rehabilitation, and assistive technologies within the healthcare industry.

Human Pose Estimation


To tackle this challenge, we have adopted a multi-faceted approach that combines the latest advancements in both 2D and 3D human pose estimation techniques. Our team of experts has carefully evaluated the strengths and limitations of classical machine learning methods as well as cutting-edge deep learning models to determine the most suitable solution for our client's specific needs.

Human Pose algorithm

Key Features:
  • Robust Pose Estimation: Our solution utilizes state-of-the-art open-source frameworks, such as AlphaPose, OpenPose, DeepCut, and DeepPose, to accurately identify and localize the key joints and landmarks of the human body in both 2D and 3D environments.
  • Real-Time Performance: By optimizing the computational efficiency of our models, we ensure that the pose estimation process can be performed in real-time, enabling seamless integration into various healthcare applications.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation: To ensure the reliability and accuracy of our solution, we have implemented a thorough evaluation process that leverages industry-standard metrics, including Percentage of Correct Parts (PCP), Percentage of Correct Key-points (PCK), Percentage of Detected Joints (PDJ), and Object Keypoint Similarity (OKS) based mean Average Precision (mAP).
  • Applications and Impact

    Drug Discovery

    The versatility of our human pose estimation solution allows for a wide range of healthcare applications, including:

  • Fitness and Rehabilitation: By tracking and analyzing the user's movements during exercise routines, our technology can provide real-time feedback and guidance to improve form, prevent injuries, and accelerate the rehabilitation process. Patient Monitoring and Safety: Our pose estimation algorithms can be integrated into healthcare facility surveillance systems, enabling the early detection of unusual patient behaviors or movements, ultimately enhancing patient safety and care.
  • Autonomous Healthcare Transportation: In the context of autonomous vehicles transporting patients, our solution can be used to detect the posture and movement of individuals, ensuring their comfort and well-being during transit.

  • results

    Our comprehensive human pose estimation solution is poised to revolutionize the healthcare industry, empowering our client to deliver more personalized, precise, and effective patient care. By combining cutting-edge computer vision and machine learning techniques, we have created a versatile and scalable platform that can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of medical products and services.

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