Breast Cancer Screening System


X-ray attenuation through tissue enables Mammography imaging as this low energy radiation propagates differently in different media. Thus, it is possible to use computer vision approach to analyze X-ray images.

X-ray imaging

Breast Cancer Screening System

Flat field Mammography for breast risk factors Screening

Breast Cancer Screening System


Morphological information in Mammography images reveal information regarding physical tissue, giving way to usage of Segmentation algorithms. However, the very same reason enabling the analysis makes it difficult to find an absolute scalewhen measuring X-ray attenuation. Analysis of these images by radiologists is a painful task as it requires manual segmantation or quick assessment of morphological features in a very short time. Computer Vision algorithms however are fast, repeatable and highly accurate.

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Automatic segmentation algorithms are applied to flat field images also taking into account the attenuation to extract morphological information that are valueable to radiologists and oncologists.


The segmentation algorithms are found to be yielding reliable results that are comparable to the assessment of trained technologists.

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